Waking from the Dream is a collection of four tales that delve deep into the psyche of the human experience and explore the dark places that the mind can lead us. Begin the night walking through a dreamscape of artwork by animation industry professionals. (All of the sales goes towards benefiting the Japan Relief.)  Then take your seats and be enlightened by a local entertainer. Each night will feature a different pre-show spectacle, ranging from a melting pot of performers including comedians, musicians, and even a snake dancer!

Opening the series of plays is the quirky Velma and Manny, which features the title characters - one of whom is a stuffed doll - on a special date.  The next play, Failure to the Family, addresses the pressure Asian-Americans face from demanding parents.  It Just Happened reveals secrets from two women’s pasts, and how demons they thought they destroyed end up haunting them forever.  We then conclude the night with Japan 1946 Meets California 2010, a play inspired by true events in the playwright’s life – the struggle with dementia and the effect it has on a person’s past, present, and future.

Whether you live out your childhood fantasies, contemplate suicide because you’ve let someone down, live in regret with past demons that haunt you, or struggle to remember your loved ones... rest at ease knowing that someday you will wake from this dream.

Intermission and before the show - enjoy the art and try some Japanese treats and tea. 

It’ll be a night you hope you’ll never wake up from! :)

Velma and Manny

Failure to the Family

It Just Happened

Japan 1946 Meets California 2010